Wedges de pomme de terre


These chunky, peppery golden potato wedges are always a winner at parties and barbecues

We all love roasted potatoes. They’re so versatile. We can use up fresh herbs on them or throw in the dried stuff. Most of you  pretty lazy people just use salt, rosemary and garlic powder, but we also like them with a kick. What’s your favorite way to make roasted potatoes?

This is a little weird, but we like to let the potatoes sit for about 10 minutes after taking them out of the oven. They get a little softer, both inside and outside. We are guessing everyone else likes their potato wedges crispy on the outside, so feel free to skip that step!

These spicy potato wedges are no good reheated, so eat them up while still warm!


  • 400 gm potatoes
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 5-6 garlic cloves crushed (or maybe 1 teaspoon garlic powder)
  • 3 teaspoons dried parsley
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili flakes
  • 8-9 mint leaves
  • cilantro
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper


  1. Cut potatoes into wedge with potato skin on.
  2. In a mixing bowl add all the spices and olive oil and mix well.
  3. Keep it to rest for about 20 minutes such that the flours are absorbed well.
  4. Pre-heat the oven at 300 temperature.
  5. Grease the tray and spread the wedges one by one without overlapping and bake.
  6. Next flip the wedges upside down and bake again.
  7. Take the hot crispy wedges and serve with a cheesy dip.


We hope that you will try this simple recipe and tell us about your experience.

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Before we bid a goodbye to summers , let’s try out something fun and new.

And even before that, Are you still scratching your head to understand what the tittle ROSENOIR means, WELL, these are two french words that represent 2 colors pink and black, the most loved colors for feminity and power and we girls should adore them both.

Bringing together the two themes feminism and farewell to summers , we decided to create a look that was carried off beautifully by SANCHITA.

How can summers end without wearing skirts?

Bright-colored flowing  lazy  skirts that accentuates the femininity of a women .And if it’s a pink colored skirt, every women looks extraordinarily elegant and charming in a way.


So, for the look, she is wearing a long skirt along with her favorite black crop top.

Black because it is elegant, it is slimming, it adds glamour and symbolizes power.

She completed her look with a jute tote bag  enhanced with a beautiful crochet lace.

So, if you liked what she is wearing, peep into your cupboards , you will definitely come across such a combination.

You can always bring in some kind of personalized effect to your look, you can either wear something around your neckline, if earrings are not your cup of tea or you can club it with a casual skirt and your favorite sneakers.






Crop top- ZARA



We hope that you liked her look as much as we did.

Your suggetions and comments are welcomed

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So, the first thing Sakshi did after reading more than 100 messages on the Wats App group was opening the mobile app named Zomato. WHY ZOMATO? because the only conclusion she could find after reading all the messages was, a good food experience this time.

Scrolled the list of cafe’s , restaurants, street joints and what not.Her brains stopped working, ideas started crashing down but not before she remembered her last experience with gusto and said, OH! THIS IS THE PLACE.

‘GUSTO KITCHEN AND KAFFE ‘she typed in the group, and got an immediate bold YES from both of them and they were there.

Such an ineffable experience it was, our eyes rolled over the menu cards as we got seated wanting to try everything.We kept it minimal yet filling by ordering HELLS BELLS (CHEF’S FAVOURITE) PIZZA along with SPANAKOPITAS.

The dishes were fancier than their names.The secret ingredient that both of them was CHEESE.


First came in the Spanakopitas for our hankering bellies.Breaking the name, spanakopitas are spinach,raisin and almond fillo fills dipped in a creamy cheesy textured sauce.It was the perfect one as it was easy to divide. LOL. It was served in 6 short glasses half filled with sauce as you can see in the picture.So very quickly we took them and then DAYUMMM

The first bite made us lose our senses  such enchanting flavors of that sauce and the crunchy oil free fills made it the best combination.


We were still licking our fingers every bit of that glass when the huge, gaint pizza was served and as we all know pizza is love at first bite. It is happiness.


So, coming back to the pizza, which was topped with coco sauce, roasted bell peppers, pickled onions,smoked tomato,skarmozza and marinated rocket and smoked chicken.And the biggest slices were on our plates and it was amazing. It would surely satisfy your pizza loving belly.



So, if you are planning to visit this lively cafe someday, the following information will be handy.

LOCATION: SCO 180 , inner market

sector 7C Chandigarh

COST : 1500 for 2 people

SAPPHIRE SOULS RATING : 4/5 , and we suggest you to visit this place

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Celebrating Rakhi With Cookies


Advance wishes for you all on the occasion of RAKSHA BANDHAN!

‘In the cookies of life, sisters are the choco-chips’. There is no relation as that of brother-sister, the strong bond of affection , love , care , concern and the promise of guarding the sister and ensuring her safety ,made by brother is marked by Rakhi.

YES, Rakhi the festival celebrated all over India with utmost joy and enthusiasm is here.

Well, to all those reading this , have you decided the sweet that you are going to put on your pooja plates tomorrow? will it be chocolates or some mithai’s?

Did we get you wondering? Don’t you worry because we bake cookies. And NO,baking cookies isn’t mainstream.

This time lets not go to the market to buy sweets,because happiness is homemade and when it comes to baking cookies our happiness multiplies manifolds.


SO , here we have a very simple and healthy recipe for oatmeal-chocolate cookies.These cookies are soft, thick, bricks of chocolate chunks and buttery dough baked into a heavy, loving cookie. The chocolate chunks and raisins are all that add such immense depth to the flavor .

Will I be able to make it? of course yes, all it requires is some basic readily available ingredients, 15 minutes of preparation time and you are all set for a little surprise on this Rakhi.


Food is the heart of cookies, and here we go:


  1. Refined flour – 250 gm
  2. Powdered sugar 125 gm
  3. Egg- 1
  4. Unsalted Butter- 125 gm
  5. Salt – 2gm
  6. Baking Powder – 2gm
  7. Oatmeal- 200 gm
  8. Raisins- 50 gm
  9. Chocolate Chunks- 50 gm
  10. Vanilla Essence-1 tbsp

WOAH, peep into your kitchens and we are sure, you’ll have them all.



  1. Take a mixing bowl and put in butter, sugar and salt, whip until it becomes creamy and fluffy.

  2. Add an egg and vanilla essence to the batter and whip well.

  3. Add refined flour to the batter.

  4. We are almost ready, mix in the oatmeal, raisins and chocolate chunks.

  5. The dough is now ready to bake.

  6. Add baking powder to the dough and knead well.

  7. Pre-heat the oven at 200 degree and grease the baking tray.

  8. Mould the dough to your favorite shapes for the cookie.

  9. Now bake at 150 degrees for 30 minutes.


You can serve them warm or at room temperature, and these will look great on your Rakhi plate.We made 20 cookies from the given quantities.


The soft, crunchy cookies with melted chocolate makes it the perfect one for your Rakhi Thali.

We hope that you liked these delicious cookies and will try them.

Please do share your cooking experiences with us.

Any suggestions are always welcomed.

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Crispy Corn On A Boat

Introducing you all , our very fist cooking blog. This crispy corn on a boat is unsurprisingly crispy corn baked in a hollowed loaf.

This easy recipe, can always come handy when you have unforeseen guests and it leaves you completely baffled as to what to serve them. This dish is relished by people of all ages and the presentation isn’t much of an issue either. And guess what! You don’t need fancy vegetables at all. In fact, some basic vegetables like capsicum, yellow bell peppers, tomatoes along with corn and you’ll be done in no time.

You try making this at home and you’ll know how canny a deal this is.

The toasty crisp loaf and the crunchy corn bring in the piquant flavors, all at once.

Enough of mouth-watering, we’ve got the recipe below for you:IMG-20160722-WA0002



  1. Steamed corns – 2 cups
  2. Chopped onions – 1 cup
  3. Chopped bell peppers – 0.5 cup
  4. Chili sauce
  5. Pizza topping or tomato puree
  6. Garlic – 3-4 cloves
  7. Ginger – 1 inch
  8. Bread loaf
  9. Refined flour-2 tbsp.
  10. Corn flour 2 tbsp.
  11. Oil for frying
  12. Mozzarella cheese




  1. Take 2 cups steamed corn , put them in a mixing bowl and add refined flour(Maida) and corn flour to it. Ensure that the corns gets completely coated with a layer of the white batter.
  2. Heat the oil and fry the coated corn on a high flame until brown.
  3. Take a pan, spill a few drops of oil and add ginger and garlic to sauté. Later, add chopped onions and continue to sauté until they’re light brown.
  4. Add capsicum to give it enough crunch and freshness.
  5. Pour some chili sauce and pizza topping to the sautéd vegetables.
  6. Add fried corn to the pan and salt as per taste and stir well. Keep the vegetables aside; they’re ready to go.
  7. Moving on to the bread, take the loaf and hollow it.
  8. Place the prepared mixture to the hollowed loaf and get it ready for baking by grating some (lots of) cheese over it.
  9. Set the oven at 180° C and bake for 3 minutes.
  10. Garnish with oregano and coriander leaves.


Serve hot and fresh. You may add other veggies like olives, jalapeños  or Indian spices to bring variation to the dish.

For a healthier take on the dish, use diced paneer (curd cheese) instead of fried corns

Try this recipe and comment how you liked it. We’ll be glad to hear back from you.

Any suggestions are always welcomed.

                                 For more ,stay tuned to out upcoming blogs.




All You Need Is An Old Denim Jean!


‘We can never own too much denim’ and when it comes to discarding your very favorite denim,OMG! how bleak we feel.

No more heart breaks because have the right thing for you all- DENIM DIY’s because fashion might fade away, but denims are eternal!.

Extremely simple yet cool DIY’s that you can always try re-using your old denim jean in a fashionable and funky manner. Excited ?

Who does not like cute things? We do and so do you, hence we have come up with 3 easy and cute DIY’s.

HAIR BOW: We love bows and a denim hair bow adds delicate detailing to your outfit .

So here we go.

First cut out a rectangular piece from the jean and fan-fold it as shown in the picture.

Depending on your style, you could personalize further with little details like pearls, or like the lace we’ve used. And the easiest way to put these things together is fabric glue (It is an easily available product in the markets).FullSizeRender_3

Next tighten the fan fold with the help of thread and used a cut out strip to put in the center and attach a clip.FullSizeRender_4.jpg

Fifteen minutes and you’re already done.


We all go to college, and if not college definitely school or office and let’s accept it, all of us, secretly or not so secretly munch our kind of snacks (Fruits, Chocolates, Salads or whatever for that matter). So this one is a way out for you guys – Carry this trendy DIY bag instead of a monotonous one. FullSizeRender_2

First, cut out the leg portion of the jean , turn it upside down and sew it to close its mouth.FullSizeRender_5

We decided to give it a personalised effect by sticking this maroon pom-pom lace along with a neon green lace band, that adds as color pop up. Something different right?FullSizeRender_6.jpg

We pasted the lace as shown in the picture and attached tich buttons to close it.

DONE! Now, you’re ready to carry your snack in style.


An innovative way to keep your cell phone off the counter, tidy and portable all at the same time.

Begin with cutting out a pocket of the jean along with a thin strip.FullSizeRender

This is a simple yet most significant to go ahead with this.

All you got to do is attach the denim strip to the pocket and your charger holder is ready.FullSizeRender_1.jpg

You are all set to charge you phone in this stylish manner.


So, a denim jean can be used in multiple ways, and its so much better than discarding them.

We really hope  you liked these 3 simple DIY’s and can be brought to your day-to-day use.

If you liked it and are sure of trying it on your own, do comment below and share your experience.

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Food With A Magical Ambiance


Welcoming you all to our first food blog. Yes,Food- that’s exactly what our second category will be about.

This is for all you guys who believe there’s always food you can fall back on, no matter what. And, we also know you like food best with a magical ambiance, a few rumbles here and there and of course, some giggling with close ones leaves you with an experience.

Last Sunday, we had a major craving for pasta(everyone’s all time favorite), and we chose to head over to chapter 7, which had been on top of our “Must go places” list for a long time now.

Chapter 7 serves you American, Continental and Lebanese cuisines and is located in the markets of sector 7, Chandigarh, giving it calm and serene surroundings unlike most other cafes in town. Beautiful floral indoors and outdoors, electic seating options, and subtle live music- the decor is an experience for all you art lovers out there!

We ordered ‘The Cream of Mushroom’ soup along with ‘Pesto Pasta’ for we believe, life is a combination of pasta and magic.


The soup was exotic with prominent but sophisticated flavors.The texture was creamy and the consistency quite thick, just the way it should be, ideal for a monsoon evening. If you’re planning to visit Chapter 7 anytime soon, it’s a must try!


It was time to dig in the Pesto Pasta. This vibrant green pasta was such an attraction on the menu itself, and well, it didn’t let us down. To begin with, look at that colour again. Moreover, it was topped with exotic veggies and grated Parmesan cheese which made it all the more difficult to resist. A perfect blend of tangy and creamy, due credits to the black olives , zucchini and yellow bell peppers.

We would strongly recommend this as well.

Guys, if you are planning to check in this beautiful cafe, we have tip for you all- The cafe provides a 15% discount to anyone who comes riding a bicycle. They clearly believe in a greener approach.

And for all you internet addicts, they do have free wi-fi access, but we’d say enjoy the live music and keep your phones aside.

It’s an absolute worth the money experience.
Cost for two: INR 1200 (approx)

Address details:

SCO 184, Inner market

Sector 7-C


Contact Number: 0172-6670968

Well, if you like non-vegetarian, stay tuned for our next food blog.

Hope you liked it. If you do visit this outlet or have visited it lately, please do share your experience with us.

Stay tuned for more categories.

Any suggestions , you are always welcome

Till then,

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Welcome to our first blog!

To us clothing is a form of self expressions and style is a way to say who we are without having to speak.

Summers are always welcomed with dresses , be it casual , funky or formal.We have prepared 3 different looks in dresses for you.




In a world full of trends, SANCHITA wants to remain a classic.

I  like to dress up in the most comfortable way yet in a classy manner. I am wearing this subtle colored strapy dress from Zara. I have paired it with kolapuri chappals from my mom’s closet to bring out something different with this dress. I have layered it with  a street pick choker that adds to my look with my natural hair flowing down.




For SAKSHI beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

I like to look simple and sophisticated but with a twist always.I am wearing a casual dress from Latin Quarters and I  have paired with yellow gladiators from westside.  The hand accessory that I am wearing is a street pick from the markets of Rajasthan  and my bag that completes the look is from H&M.I have kept my  hair simple with a braided headband hairstyle which makes it look playful gives a summerish  feel.




With good basics MANAT believes you can have endless options

I love experimenting with clothes.I am carrying a  BOHO look with a basic black short dress from Vero Moda , I have paired it with an oxidized neck piece and an embroidered green bag from the markets of sector 17 Chandigarh to bring out the boho vibes.Lastly I have teamed it with my all time favorites, black sneakers from Janpath and a black colored wrist watch from Tommy Hilfiger.I kept my hair natural with a side twist.


So , this included the summer looks that you can carry it anywhere and look amazing.

We hope that you liked our looks.

Please comment below and tell us which look did you like the best.

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Have a good day!



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